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Blackmail, Naviety and Desperation

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hay sup.
[MM] :D
alternatending wrote in mvp_agents
so, hi.

My name is Nicole, and this is the unoffical MVP community.

Basically, it's a place for us to brainstorm, and try to figure out what the hell Pete Wentz is up to.

We've got two weeks.

Everyone bring your game face, and any clues.

Each day, I'll post anything Pete has posted in relation, and every thread is basically a discussion.

I'll post rules and whatnot in the userinfo later.

After this is all over, I'll most likely delete the community.

Please introduce yourself in a comment here.

All are welcome.

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There really isn't anything there that we haven't already discussed on ICH. They were still arguing over the anagrams today. It was pretty interesting to watch identical comments being posted for about three of five pages.

Safe to say that they should probably quit lurking themselves if they're so worried about matching ideas.

But whatever. :)

bahaha. i doubt this community will take off.

*shrugs* it was a good idea.

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