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Blackmail, Naviety and Desperation

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hay sup.
[MM] :D
alternatending wrote in mvp_agents
so, hi.

My name is Nicole, and this is the unoffical MVP community.

Basically, it's a place for us to brainstorm, and try to figure out what the hell Pete Wentz is up to.

We've got two weeks.

Everyone bring your game face, and any clues.

Each day, I'll post anything Pete has posted in relation, and every thread is basically a discussion.

I'll post rules and whatnot in the userinfo later.

After this is all over, I'll most likely delete the community.

Please introduce yourself in a comment here.

All are welcome.

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I agree. Would you mind doing that, or would you like me to assign someone else?

I'm lazy, to be honest, I'll probably miss stuff. I'm going to assume everyone knows whats going on.

MVP = BND, Blackmail, Naivety, and Desperation.

The M,V, and P is still capitalized though, meaning those are proper nouns that we also have to figure out, and they WILL mean something. Here's an explanation from ich on why the will mean something.
--- It's moreso that he named the site mvandpfirm, that's throwing me off, than it actually being in the anagram 'cause I feel like, why would he name it that and keep it even after it's revealed that it's BND if it didn't mean something, you know? Esp. putting it on the suits. Like how the Fresh Only Bakery site or something like that was changed to after everyone figured it out.------

Something is going down April 3rd, and it might have to do with the Rich and the Poor.

The dates in the first video are about the LA riots, rodney king.
-note, "You're crashing, but you're no wave" is about the case of Fred Hampton jr, who was tried because of the riots.

Possible relation to upset fans about expensive m+gs and unfair OCK benefits.
---A post from someone on an ich thread.
- on petes post asking about how they should run m&gs everyone was saying do something else so it isnt just OCK and they were complaining that OCK kids were the rich fans(maybe the people drinking champagne in the first video) and then everyone else who was non-OCK started rioting in a sense about it because it was unfair (the LA Riots broke out after an unfair verdict for the cops) and they want a chance at m&g as well. since pete said on a twitter that this group is working with Crush Management now for m&g whatever, i'm guessing this is his way of hinting that its about m&g, and the new video is to show that the MVP firm is here to try and help solve the unfairness about m&g (which is why it still kind of shows riots in the video but it is a lot calmer than it was to start off) and will start doing so on April 3rd when BND kicks off.

zpinkpanther007's post on another thread, to clear things up.-----

and important phrases so far:

"We will force you to believe."

"We are here to make things better at being worse..."

Believe in what? and what will become worse?

Morse Code at the end of video 2 says either, "UI" or "UEE"
No accurate theories of what that means so far, other than EE meaning Early Entry.

Pete has been randomly capatalizing some letters in his tweets. We made a list, and are still working with it. The list is
There may be more letters out there right now because there was a username posting on the boards as MailBlaickVP, and he was saying some clues, and capitalizing some letters. We didn't take it seriously just incase it's someone messing with us. We don't want to get thrown off.

Thats Most of it so far.


There's alot of typos I forgot to fix, sorry. :/
OH, and it might be VERY confusing if you have not read all, or majority of the posts on ICH.

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