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Blackmail, Naviety and Desperation

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hey hey!
[MM] :D
alternatending wrote in mvp_agents
Sorry I've been M.I.A. guys/gals. It's been a really hectic week.

Again, I'm pretty sure you guys should all have posting access, so if you see another clue/piece to the puzzle, please feel free to post it here.

Also, since I've been stupid busy with my life, I've been thinking about making one more person a moderator, maybe two; perhaps two people who have been posting a lot on ICH, and gathering a good amount of clues. There won't be voting; I'm simply going to base my decisions on what people have brought to the table/what I've seen posted in ICH. I can only choose two, and it's nothing personal.

Updates will be up tomorrow morning.


Happy hunting!

And a special thanks to everyone for joining! It means a lot to me, and I promise, this weekend, I'll have this community up and running. We've only got about one more week.

Shenanigans Update has been updated. You may want to apply.


The tumblr was also updated. The original post with the picture of the keyboard is gone and has been replaced with this:


DisConnected, and it still leaves esiatsss

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Assists (e)

Ties (sass)

Assets (is)

Assess (it)*

Edited at 2009-03-26 04:50 am (UTC)

discontent (cesiass)

consistences (idats)



SANCTITIES (nedscos)* seconds?

CONNECTED (iessiatss) sassiest

yeah, there's only one d...

It actually spells "CHOOSE YUR OWN ADVENTURE".

But that won't matter anymore.

I had originally thought it was "I Disconnect assets" because in January, Pete had a blog entry about "disconnecting" for a little while. And also, the corporate logos on the mvandp site have disappered (though perhaps for legal reasons) so it's like the firm has disconnected from it's assets, the other companies?

Someone also had the theory that it was "destination sccess" with U as a missing letter.

I like that one- it sounds Pete-ish, and missing letters is nothing new.

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